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Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company (SAFCO) - Quick View

Company Activity

Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Co. engages in the manufacture and conversion of urea and ammonia and the production of fertilizer products. Its products include ammonia; urea; melamine; sulfuric acid; as well as nitrogenous, phosphatic, and compound fertilizers. It also engages in establishing, acquiring, and operating chemical and non-chemical factories for chemical expansion. The company was founded on September 7, 1965, and is headquartered in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia.

Company Sustainable Activity

SAFCO achieved Responsible Care (RC14001:2008) certification in February 2012 which reflects the company’s commitment to the highest international standards of Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) and to continuous improvement in EHSS performance and to make a strong contribution to sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Goals: N/A

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