Global Partnership Program

Global Partnership Program


    1. Sell your sustainable products on ImpakterEco – put your products on our marketplace for free and only pay the fee for your payment provider (PayPal, bank, etc)!
    2. Virtual products – customers on our marketplace will be able to donate directly to your organization!
    3. Campaigns with brands – you partner up with brands to promote specific projects, brands dedicate a percentage of the proceeds to your project which results in more funds and awareness for your work!


    • Resources – access to an alternative way to generate funds and exposure.
    • Credibility – all brands are vetted based on their certificates and their commitment to sustainability.
    • Reach – the convening power to engage other participants (raise awareness) and attract key stakeholders.
    • Expertise – specialization in their area of operations (distribution systems, supply chains, etc.) and knowledge of the private sector.


Our network of social media activists and influencers (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) through various type of projects actively contribute to your programs by increasing effectiveness and awareness!