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Case-by-case work

Standard fee


Sales percentage

Basic fee


Link up with brands

Get matched with global organizations

Collaborate on ImpakterMedia

Attend events


Case-by-case work – partner up with Impakter for advertising campaigns on social media.
Standard fee – industry rate lump-sum payment.


Percentage of sales – get a percentage of the sales you are directly responsible for bringing in.
Basic fee – base compensation.


Link up with brands on ImpakterEco – choose which sustainable brands to work alongside with on a diverse set of activities!
Match with global organizations – team up with international organizations on different projects, contribute to their work, promote special programs!
Collaborate on ImpakterMedia – help increase awareness of global issues through partnering with us, improve your knowledge of sustainability, write articles on our platform, get exclusive interview access to notable figures!
Attend events – be invited to go and take part in exclusive events hosted by global organizations and NGOs where you can interact and connect with experts!


  1. Selection – choose what type of partnership you want.
  2. Induction – conclude a partnership agreement with Impakter.
  3. Implementation – coordinate and run an Impakter ad campaign on your account.
  4. Monitoring – exchange feedback with Impakter and review the results.
  5. Outcome – If you are satisfied with the partnership, then it can be an opportunity for future collaborations.