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Vivendi - Quick View

Company Activity

Vivendi is an integrated content, media and communications group. The company operates businesses throughout the media value chain, from talent discovery to the creation, production and distribution of content.

Company Sustainable Activity

Ensure the implementation of the eight priority CSR issues, the first four of which are directly connected to Vivendi’s business sector: 

  • Promotion of cultural diversity in content production and distribution. 
  • Empowerment and protection of young people in their use of digital media. 
  • Knowledge sharing (pluralism of content and access to media). 
  • Valuation and protection of personal data. 
  • Vigilance in conducting business. 
  • Social and professional empowerment of employees. 
  • Economic, social and cultural local development. 
  • Respect for the environment in the digital era.

Sustainable Development Goals

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